We can do the gold plating thickness up to 20 micron. We also offer many different types of gold coloration ranging from 1N14K, 2N18K, 3N24, 2N18K, 3N24-32K, 5N (Pink Gold).


Rhodium plating we offered is very popular amongst jewelry industry.


Silver plating have 2 types
1. Silver plating for jewelry industry.
The end-product from this type of silver plating is frog, spoon, table-knife, and silver-coin etc.


2. Silver plating for electrical appliances.
We can offer silver thickness up to 200 micron, silver purity 99.9%, and conductivity rate of 0.63 Megamho to use in high frequency purposes.


Tin plating for electrical appliances we offered tin thickness up to 200 micron, with 100% purity.

Electro less Nickel is the process of nickel plating without electricity. This process is suitable for most engineering work that requires precision and strength.

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